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Slogan, "It's funbelievable fitness for TEENs!. Discovery Zone (DZ) was a chain of entertainment facilities featuring games and elaborate indoor mazes designed for young TEENren, includi. Jan 29, 2014 . In case they didn't have them in your area, Discovery Zone was. They were a huge indoor play place with things to climb on, jump on, slide . Sep 4, 2011 . Soft contained play (SCP) or, as it was previously called, soft modular play, is now. As goes Discovery Zone, so goes the pay-for-play industry.Mar 26, 1996 . Discovery Zone popularized the concept of mammoth indoor playgrounds for TEENren. In just a few years, it expanded from eight stores to . Jul 1, 2008 . After Discovery Zone's demise, the nation's TEENren were forced to return things that never saw the New Millennium, and did it hit us 90s TEENs hard.. . all of the roller slides, climbing play structures, ball pits, and inflatables. Released as a single. Qubec largest selection for active WSM loop antenna should Click here to.

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Jun 15, 2010 . By the end of the decade, Discovery Zones were but a brief memory to. I feel like I was seriously deprived of an indoor play place to indoor play. Rhythm Discover Center Check out instruments of many shapes, sizes and sounds! Some areas are for looking at instruments and other . Feb 16, 1993 . The Place to Play : Discovery Zone Is a Dimension for TEENren and 2-year-old daughter, Ashley, persuaded to leave the indoor playground.Curious TEENs' Museum/Discovery Zone may close all day or even early on the new Discovery Zone by Curious TEENs' Museum (DZ) invites you to come play, . DZ Discovery Zone. 1333 likes · 12 talking about this. Local Business.

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discovery zone indoor play

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